The VNYL, located in downtown New York City is a lifestyle space which has been designed to showcase the influence of the 1970s on interior design, fashion, art, music and attitude in Nightlife and Hospitality Culture.

Though inspired by the past, The VNYL’s Food & Beverage Program is driven by modernity through innovation and creativity. While the cuisine takes inspiration from classic New York favorites, it is infused with a modern twist. The Beverage Program is designed to bring a superior quality to a larger audience. Using only premium and fresh ingredients across both programs, we strive to deliver a better quality product. We source our produce from local vendors for our Food & Beverage Programs so that everything we prepare, down to the cocktail mixers, is done in-house, fresh, daily.

The interior design objective was to create a space which feels residential while still having the functionality of a commercial, high traffic restaurant, event space and club. Every piece of furniture has been custom designed for The VNYL and manufactured by our design team in Ireland.

The space is the epitome of a lifestyle space. The culture is created by the individuals within the walls. Ranging from blockbuster movie premieres to drag performances, live music to dinner parties, internationally renowned DJ nights to intimate dates, The VNYL is a space for all to celebrate and enjoy.




The music offering has been curated to suit the objective - fun. Across the vinyls in our record store, to the music played in the venue, our music director, Adrian Grenier, has selected all tracks to create an experience, which is aligned with the design objectives, together with the F&B program.

We have a full-time events team to help create a custom experience for your group at The VNYL. From dinner bookings for 6 people, to private events across our 4 levels for 600 people, our team is here to work with you in the weeks leading up to your special event, and producing an experience that resonates with your guests.






We have created a food and beverage program, which showcases innovation and creativity. The cuisine takes inspiration from Californian styles, whilst our beverage program is designed to bring a superior standard of quality to a larger audience.

Using only premium and fresh ingredients across both programs, we go to extra lengths to deliver a better quality product. The seafood on our menu is purchased locally from fully sustainable sources, and our fruits, garnishes and flavors in our cocktails have been prepared in-house from fresh produce daily.